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The best way of keeping up with the world with your smartphone

Twitter, Inc. |
updated on May 23, 2023


Perhaps the most elegant design of all social media apps
A great way to keep up with news on your mobile device
Content is easy to discover
Tweets can be created easily and you can live-stream videos
Tweets can be saved as drafts and published later


Lacks the tweet scheduling option
Price: $
Unlike other social media platforms, there has always been a number of decent Twitter clients available for Android, and many of them offer great performance and results. We will focus on the official Twitter app, to see if it's the best!

The official Twitter app is very well-designed and is definitely simple to navigate for people who have just switched from the Desktop version. There are four tabs: Home, Search, Notifications and Messages, which can be navigated through at the bottom of the screen.

Tweeting is as easy as pressing the round blue button at the bottom right corner, and you can add amazing things to your tweets quite easily. You can also save the tweets as drafts to publish them later, but you still can't schedule them as you would on the Desktop version.

A search tab conveniently displays what's currently trending on Twitter, and it's an amazing way to catch up with news besides the accounts you already follow. A great thing you can do with the mobile app is also to stream a live video to your followers. Videos can't be too long but shortness is kind of what Twitter wishes to achieve.

Notifications are pretty self-explanatory, and you also receive them for trending tweets of the accounts you follow. This is not so convenient, but there are plenty of smart filters you can use to avoid that.

If you ever get bored by its bright colors, there is also a night-mode that looks very cool. Twitter takes privacy and security very seriously with its encryption and two-factor authentication.
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